Why Carolyn-Marie
loves Passion Flower

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Passion Flower vine has extended the depths and breadths of Carolyn-Marie's personal healing journey. Symbolic, perhaps, of her own graceful emergence from debilitating illness, the flower first appeared to her at a time she sought to save an old tree in her yard that had been targeted for destruction by neighbors. In order to preserve the tree and protect the privacy it provided, Carolyn-Marie sought a solution more harmonious with nature; rather than remove the tree from her garden, she would use it as a trellis for a vine. In addition to providing privacy for her home, the tree also become host to a group of medicinal reishi mushrooms.

The Passion Flower vine took root immediately alongside the tree. Struck at once by its magnetic beauty and mysteriously exquisite structure, she soon discovered its many healing properties - especially to aromatize bad estrogen and to combat Irritable Bowel Syndrome - making it a perfect antidote to the hormone-related endometriosis from which she had suffered. After tincturing it for her own use, she later received a message from Spirit, via a channeling medium and dear friend, suggesting that it was time she share it with the world.

In this divinely inspired tincture, Carolyn-Marie uses purple passion flower from her own garden. This particular variety is also a host plant for Monarch butterflies - yet another reminder of her own personal transformation, as well as the transformational healing she inspires in others.